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  1. DeColores!
    Where may I find the information on Ultreya meetings on the new web site? I’m having difficulty finding it.

  2. De Colores! Thanks be to GOD that I actually watched the Rosary on EWTN and while waiting for the “Family Prayer” that usually follows this Rosary @11:30 each day , I heard an answer to my prayer in the Papal Audience with the Cursillo Movement. I am looking for direction in my life but I am not good at typing here on the Internet.
    Is it possible for someone to call me (412-445-4977 ) or perhaps arrange a visit to help me at this time in my life. I am 76 years old and made my Cursillo a long time ago but perhaps now I am being called to ‘rejoin’ the plan. I’ve lost touch.
    Lil Germaine was helpful to me as I prepared to work my weekend & get involved in the South Hills Ultreya. I
    Thank you for providing me with this link. De Colores !
    GOD bless , Alice Sippel

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